Wednesday, 14 August 2013

25 Facts About Me Tag!

Hi everyone! So for my first blog post I thought I would do the 25 facts about me tag just so you can get to know me a little more! SO HERE GOES
1.My name is Megan (how boring)
2.I love anything Floral and vintage!
3.I also love strawberry's!!
4.I only started collecting makeup about 6 months ago AND NOW I'M OBSESSED!!
5.I used to have lots and lots of rabbits.. about 20 (LITERALLY) but they all just ran away or died!
6.My best friend Lydia is also a blogger/you tuber which is fun CLICK HERE FOR HER CHANNEL
7.The first beauty guru I watched was Zoella (Zoe Sugg)
8.The first blog I read was also Zoe's (I think)
9.I love the look of old vintage camera's I WANT ONE
10.Christmas is my favorite time of the year!!
11.I wish in Britain we celebrated Christmas a little more like in the olden day's!
13.I wish I lived in America!
14.I have OCD
15.I have had my YouTube channel for about 2 months! CLICK HERE
16.I LOVE coronation street!
17.In primary school I was always a shepherd in the Nativity plays NEVER AN ANGEL :(
18.When i was in year 6 I got scissors stuck in my eye!
19.I love Lush!
20.I was in year 8 when I started wearing makeup
20.My favorite drugstore makeup brand is Revlon!
21.I would love to become a successful youtuber/blogger!
22.I love almost ALL American food!!
23.I love Autumn/Winter colors!
24.I also really like pastels.
25.The only time I have every died my hair is when I got it ombred!

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Lovely 25 facts post, I love vintage an floral things too. I hope you enjoy keeping a blog and continuing with your YouTube account!